BPC 157 5mg

BPC 157 5mg

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Helps Nagging Injuries 
Joints, Tendons And Ligaments and Moer 

Must Be Mixed With BAC Water 



BPC-157 is a peptide or chain composed of 15 amino acids. It is a peptide that is available in supplement form. What makes it unique from other peptides is that it is a gastrointestinal protective protein extraction. This means that it helps protect the digestive tract. It is often nicknamed “Body Protective Compound” as a result.

BPC-157 helps heal wounds as it interacts with the Nitric Oxide system. The peptide builds up blood vessels and protects endothelial tissues. It also targets the genes that form collagen. It can heal short bowel syndrome. It may also ease other conditions causing diarrhea, bowel inflammation, gut pain, and constipation. These conditions are often difficult to treat and can even cause far more serious conditions if allowed to progress. BPC-157’s role in healing these conditions could play an important part in preventing complications down the road.


Not For Human Consumption 

Must Be 18 Years Or Older To Use 

Unchained Sarms Is Not Responsible For The Misuse Of Any Research Product