Unchained Athletes

Jordan Torres

Being overweight all his life, Jordan decided it was time to make a change. This 38-year-old father of three made a conscious effort to take control of his life. He retaught himself how to eat, developed new relationships with food, and learned to understand how food sources are used to fuel the body. Through numerous podcasts and fitness personalities on YouTube and Instagram, he learned the importance of training and how to train to failure and what hypertrophy is. The combination of his new knowledge of food and training turned him in to the athlete that he is today. He has lost over 145 pounds and since hitting his lowest weight has added over 20 lbs of solid lean muscle mass. His dream is to one day step on stage as an amateur bodybuilder.

Johnny Ugent

Johnny grew up in the Miami area and started his fitness journey at age ten when he trained and competed in competitive Boxing. He was trained by the famous Jorge Rubio and Eric ("El Tigre") Castanos, among others, learning from their unique disciplinary training and fitness methods. Johnny later moved on into competitive Martial Arts training, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).
From such experiences, he was able to channel his combined knowledge into his own unique style of online training for building muscle, burning fat And getting in incredible shape. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Johnny's passion for Body Building, Strength Training and  overall Health and Wellness helps his clients and himself to achieve their goals for a healthier and fit body and to feel a greater sense of confidence in and out of the gym.
Johnny is a great motivator and makes certain that his clients maximize each and every workout session and every meal on their plans by keeping his clients focused, intense and driven while having a fun mentorship and keeping his client's best interests at heart.
In addition, drawing from his years of diverse training and experience, Johnny enjoys sharing with his clients his personal knowledge on Nutrition and Supplemental Benefits Including performance-enhancing with SARMS, peptides and Hormone Replacement Therapy. 


Brandon Kelly

 Brandon grew up around Houston, TX, playing sports from a kid up through high school. He took the wrong road in life - chasing unhealthy lifestyles and habits. At his lowest, he weighed 145lbs, and with the grace go God and change, he found some new habits and a new lifestyle.

Brandon has shown dedication, determination, and consistency throughout the past 2 years of training and has grown to 240lbs, He's learning every day with plans of becoming a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. He also has future goals of competing in a bodybuilding show and some powerlifting meets. 

"Training and lifting is what I love to do and has saved my life. I'm blessed and honored to be a part of the Unchained Sarms Team and enjoy giving back and helping others fulfil their dreams and goals."